Welcome to the photographic world of Marc Sabatella!

I do not claim to be a professional, but I do take my picture-taking seriously. My interest in photography sprang from my involvement in art. I needed to shoot pictures of my paintings, and I also wanted to be able to take reference photos of the scenes I paint. This eventually turned into a love of photography for its own sake. I am also a professional musician, and one of my photographic obsessions has been shooting concerts by my fellow musicians.

I currently use a Pentax K200D, which is a digital SLR (single lens reflex), and a selection of different lenses. I like my photographs to look natural - to say something about the world as it is. When photographing people, I prefer candid shots over posed ones. When shooting indoors or at night, I tend to favor natural or ambient light over flash, although this can be a challenge. Ironically, although most of my paintings are landscapes and cityscapes, the photographs that bring me the most joy usually feature people. I suppose I see painting and photography as essentially different tools, but I think my concern for composition and color is common to both.