As the author of A Jazz Improvisation Primer, I am one of the most widely recognized educators in jazz.  I teach privately and have openings in the Denver area.  If you are interested, please email me at to inquire about rates and availability.

I am a pianist and of course most of my students study the piano with me, but I also teach improvisation, theory, composition, and other topics to non-pianists.  My students have included guitarists, saxophonists, vocalists, violinists, bassists, drummers, and even harmonica players.

Not all of my students are specifically interested in jazz.  The musical concepts I deal with are common to any style of music in which you are expected to improvise or play by ear as opposed to always playing from written music.  I do have considerable experience in classical piano as well, and I teach beginning to intermediate lessons in that genre.

I am also available to teach workshops, clincs, and to adjuciate at festivals., and am willing to travel to do so.

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Denver or are considering doing so, I teach the Jazz Theory and Aural Skills course that is taken by all first year students in the Jazz and Commercial Music program at the Lamont School of Music.  The course is open to non-majors on a space available basis.

If you are currently enrolled at Regis Univeristy, you are eligible to join the jazz ensemble I direct or to take jazz piano as part of your regular tuition.  I can also teach improvisation on any instrument; simply sign up for the jazz piano course.