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Here is my current schedule. If it is out of date or if you need information on performances further in the future, please write me.  All locations metro Denver unless noted.

  • April 5 (Thursday), 7-10 PM: Cuvée (Boulder)
    with Aakash Mittal (alto saxophone)
  • April 20 (Friday), 7:30- 9 PM: Berkeley Church (50th & Meade)
    directing the Regis Jazz Ensemble
  • April 21 (Saturday), 1:30 - 2 PM: Union Colony Civic center (Greeley)
    directing the CJW Wednesday Night Big Band
  • April 26 (Thursday), 7 & 9 PM: Dazzle (downtown)
    Music for Piano, String Quartet, and Voice
    a very special evening showcasing my compositions and arrangements, incorporating elements of jazz and classical music!
  • May 20 (Sunday), 8 - 11 PM: Mercury Cafe
    directing the CJW Wednesday Night Big Band

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