CD coverNobody expects the Spanish Inquisition - Monty Python's Flying Circus

My debut CD was released in April of 1997. It features my quartet and trio, doing mostly original material that is, as I like to say, on the outside shore of the mainstream.

The name of the CD is also the name of the band, and is taken from the Monty Python skit in which the Spanish Inquisition takes ordinary people by surprise in humorous fashion. The idea was that I wanted my music to similarly take people by surprise. Although we were rightly billed as a jazz group, people coming to one of our performances might find our particular brand of jazz a little unexpected. Listen to the first track to get some idea of what we were about.

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  • Marc Sabatella - piano
  • Peter Sommer - tenor saxophone
  • Erik Turkman - bass
  • Thomas Van Schoick - drums

Track List

  1. Blue Honda a la Truck (Marc Sabatella)
  2. Or Not (Marc Sabatella)
  3. Lazy (Marc Sabatella)
  4. Pygmalion (Marc Sabatella)
  5. Something Else (Marc Sabatella)
  6. Shades of Gray (Marc Sabatella)
  7. How Can I Tell You? (Erik Turkman)
  8. Frantic (Marc Sabatella)
  9. Patience (Marc Sabatella)
  10. The Quest (Mitch Leigh)