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Latest Release - Determination

Released in November of 2007, this recording features the quartet that plays at El Chapultepec every night: Marc Sabatella on piano, Keith Oxman on saxophone, Geoff Cooke on bass, and Thomas Van Schoick on drums. The material on the CD is all original, including seven of my compositions and three of Keith's.

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Other Releases As Leader

  • Falling Grace
    I recorded my regular trio in the summer of 1998, playing a straightahead set of not-worn-out-yet jazz standards. Originally released on cassette only, it is now available on CD from my own record label.
  • Second Course - Cadence Jazz Records
    This was released in July of 1998. It features my band, some solo tracks, and some duets with trumpeter Hugh Ragin, doing a mix of original material and seldom-heard compositions by Charles Mingus, Keith Jarrett, and others.
  • The Spanish Inquisition - Golden Horn Productions
    My debut as a leader, released in April of 1997. My quartet and trio, plus a solo piece; mostly originals.

Releases as Co-leader, Sideman, or on Compilations

  • Right At Home - Tapestry (with Fred Hess)
    This is a set of original compositions by award-winning composer and saxophonist Fred Hess. The music was very challenging to play, but very rewarding as well. Most of the compositions have through-composed sections (meaning they are played exactly as written) and freely improvised sections in which we try to make use of the same material. A couple of the pieces use more or less standard jazz type forms, but most owe as much to 20th century classical composition as to the jazz tradition.
  • Gallery - Creative Improvised Music Projects (CIMP) (with Hugh Ragin)
    This duo CD was a bit of a departure for me, as there is little in the way of straightahead jazz on it. Instead, it is mostly free improvisation using graphic scores and a few simple notated melodic lines. I think all of the music on the recording is top notch, of course, and I highly recommend it to people who are comfortable with music of people like Anthony Braxton or perhaps Paul Bley.
  • Raining on the Roses (Wendy Fopeano)
    Wendy recorded a live concert at Dazzle in Denver in fall of 2006, and I played on one set. We did one of my originals (with lyrics by Wendy) and a few standards.
  • Back To Saturn - Black Saint Records (The Hugh Ragin Collective)
    We recorded this back in 1993 as a collaborative studio effort with myself, Hugh, vibraphonist Greg Carroll, bassist Erik Turkman, and drummer Scott Gordon. The CD was finally released in July of 2001. The Collective was a great band, but after winning the 1994 Cognac-Hennessy Best of Colorado Jazz Search, we pretty much stopped working together. Actually, that was pretty much our first and last gig, which is really a shame. This recording does a good job of capturing what I think was special about the group. Unfortunately, I am not set up to be able to sell this CD; you will have to try other channels.
  • An Internet Jazz Sampler
    I produced a compilation of recordings by musicians from the Usenet newsgroup, and I play on one track with The Hugh Ragin Collective.
  • New Music From The West 1994
    This is a compilation produced in Fort Collins for their annual Musicfest. I play on one track in a group featuring Hugh Ragin. I am not sure if this compilation is available any more.
  • MUSENET 92
    This compilation is similar to the Internet Jazz Sampler above - in fact, it partially inspired the latter. MUSENET drew from a wider range of newsgroups, and comprised a diverse mix of styles. The track on which I play is the only jazz on the double CD set. I have no idea if this is still available or not.