CD coverDetermination features the quartet that played every Friday night at Denver's oldest and most famous jazz club, El Chapultepec: Marc Sabatella on piano, Keith Oxman on tenor saxophone, Geoff Cooke on bass, and Thomas Van Schoick on drums. At the Pec, we performed a mix of standards and originals, but this recording focuses on the original material that makes this band so distinctive.

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  • Marc Sabatella - piano
  • Keith Oxman - tenor saxophone
  • Geoff Cooke - bass
  • Thomas Van Schoick - drums

Track List

  1. Ferengi (Marc Sabatella)
  2. Sister Juli (Keith Oxman)
  3. Monk's Got Rhythm (Marc Sabatella)
  4. Determination (Marc Sabatella)
  5. Spherical Minute (Marc Sabatella)
  6. Beneath the Hidden Staircase (Keith Oxman)
  7. Trane's Pal (Keith Oxman)
  8. Triumph (Marc Sabatella)
  9. Tranquility (Marc Sabatella)
  10. Something Else (Marc Sabatella)