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Marc Sabatella's Music for Piano, String Quartet, and Voice is a very special project for this award-winning Colorado-based pianist and composer.  Originally trained as a classical pianist and composer before turning his focus to jazz, Marc has been accumulating an impressive body of work over the years that combines these influences.  Some of these compositions and arrangements have found their way into other projects, often in a more typically "jazz" context, but many of these have never been heard before in any context.  For this project, Marc has arranged an eclectic set of music - mostly his original compositions, plus a few pieces from other composers - for various combinations of piano, strings, and voice.

The premier performance of this music was met by an incredibly enthusiastic response from a sold-out house at Dazzle in Denver.  The following videos come from that performance.

Piano + Strings

Voice + Strings

Voice + Piano + Strings