The Marc Sabatella Quartet

Marc's regular working group is The Marc Sabatella Quartet, which currently features several of the top up-and-coming musicians of the region.  Over the past 20 years, Marc's quartets have been a mainstay of the jazz scene in Colorado, ranging from their performances for Creative Music Works and other major concert series and festivals to a run as the house band at El Chapultepec.  During this time, they have amassed a large body of original compositions that form the core of their repertoire.

Music for Piano, String Quartet, and Voice

Marc's latest "special" project is his Music for Piano, String Quartet, and Voice.  Marc was originally trained as a classical pianist and composer before he began playing jazz, and he never lost his affinity for classical music.  For this project, Marc has composed, arranged, and adapted an extraordinary collection of music that encompasses both classical and jazz elements.

The Marc Sabatella Octet

Marc's other "special" project is his larger ensemble, The Marc Sabatella Octet.  Although an octet might seem all that large, Marc has a unique style of composing and arranging for this ensemble that can give them the sound of a much larger group, while retaining the flexibility of a smaller combo.