Pec with LloydMy name is Marc Sabatella, and I am a visual artist based in Denver, Colorado (USA). My art is aligned with that of the Impressionists - I am concerned with portraying scenes based on the real world, but with an emphasis on creative use of light, color, and composition rather than on representation as an end in itself. I bring to art my experiences as a jazz musician, where the element of improvisation is essential, so I prefer the immediacy of the landscape painted en plein air over the product of studio work. Also from my experiences in music I bring a love of the expressive realm that exists at the boundary between traditional forms and more abstract approaches. My own visual art tends to be unapologetically representational, but my sense of design and my use of color and texture owes a debt to artists who have explored the possibilities of abstracting from nature. I work in oils, pastels, and occasionally watercolor. I am also an avid photographer.

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